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We work with local and international property buyers, sellers and investors.

We are long-time licensed brokers (not sales agents) in Florida and France.  We have transacted sales/purchases of residential and commercial properties all over Florida and France for the past 12 years.  As investment property managers, we have earned the trust of all our local and foreign absentee owners as we help them maintain profitable properties in Central Florida.

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The Orlando and Central Florida real estate market is vibrant, and in demand. The economy is strong, employment opportunities abound, the schools are great and business is robust!

  • Whether buying or selling a home – or investing in passive income properties – you need a real estate broker in Orlando who has a deep experience of the Central Florida market.
  • You want to work with a real estate professional who knows the neighborhoods and properties on the rise – and in demand.
  • More than this, you want to work with real estate professionals who have a vast network of properties and potential buyers or investors at their fingertips.

We are Orlando/Central Florida specialists – This is America’s Playground!  It is an attractive area for buyers, sellers, investors.  We know the market for single-family and condo properties matching your wish list for your next home.  We know the best multi-family properties for investors.

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We'd love to discuss your next project and how we can help you to bring it into reality. At Integrity International, we make buying and selling homes and businesses simple for you. We pride ourselves on putting our clients' interests first.

What Can Integrity International Do for You?

We work with buyers - Interested in a new home Central Florida?  Whether downsizing, trading up, or transferring in to the area for the first time, we’ll get it right for you!

We look for properties that match the criteria for your ideal home as closely as possible – size, layout, location, price, neighborhood amenities, etc.  We’ll introduce you to neighborhoods that are thriving.  We’ll examine the property with you (recommending inspections and so on).  We always conduct negotiations and prepare offers on your behalf, and have the answers to your questions and concerns before closing the deal.


We work with sellers - You don’t want to limit your field of action when it comes to selling your home quickly at your best price.  We’ll work hard to find a buyer for your property who gives you the terms you want. We go to our American and European network of potential buyers to offer your home for sale to the widest market possible.

We help you determine the market value/pricing of your property.  We’ll recommend how to increase that value with tips about preparing the property to showcase its strengths.  We’ll collect and discuss offers and help you decide which one is the best.


We represent investors -  We understand the attraction of investing in Central Florida real estate for passive income.  Due to the great number of visitors to the area, opportunities to cater to tourists seeking private (rather than traditional hotel) lodgings have a wide range of rental apartments and single family homes from which to choose.  Why not own one yourself?

Whether you seek properties for long-term rental to local residents, short-term vacation rentals or corporate rental properties … Central Florida is the perfect location!  We’ll recommend specific neighborhoods that are thriving and on the rise.  We’ll find the types of properties that have the greatest potential for profit.


We are Central Florida property managers – Are you an absentee owner of a valuable investment property?

If you are an absentee or foreign owner of a passive-income investment property – such as a long-term rental home/condo or a short-term vacation/corporate residence – we can manage your property for you.  From repairs and maintenance to making sure the property is continuously rented, we are your favored partner in the greater Orlando/Central Florida region.

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