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Securing an E2 visa relies on making a qualifying investment in a business located in the United States. Finding the right business to purchase or invest in takes careful consideration. You want your investment to be put to good use, especially if you plan on making a living off your purchase. Working with the right business broker can lead to the most informed decision, making it important to understand the basics and how to choose the right E2 visa business broker. 

What is an E2 Visa?

An E2 visa allows an individual or family to enter the United States based on an investment to a U.S. based business. The investment must be substantial; however, there is minimal guidance on what qualifies as substantial. The investment can either be used to start a viable business or purchase an existing one. 

E2 visa

What is the Turnaround Time on E2 Visa Business Purchases?

Business sellers must generally wait at least two months and the deal is often contingent upon the E2 visa being approved. There is a possibility for compensation in instances where the E2 visa is denied. Working with a business broker that is prepared and knowledgeable about the E2 visa business purchase process will help speed up the timeframe. If the business broker has a good E2 visa business plan writer as well as an immigration lawyer in his network, it will be of great help.

What Should E2 Visa Buyers Know?

E2 visa buyers need to understand how to select the right business to purchase. The business must have good books, tax returns, and employees to give you the best chance of creating a sustainable livelihood of the business. There are additional considerations based on the industry you are purchasing in, making it wise to contact a professional. 

How to Choose the Right Business Broker

Choosing the right business broker analyzes a few different factors. First, your business broker must be familiar with the E2 visa requirements. A broker that has a minimal understanding of the necessary steps will be of little assistance to you. 

Additionally, brokers must understand other cultures’ communication methods and their primary reason for obtaining an E2 visa. When you make the decision to pursue the American Dream, you want to be working with a professional that fully understands how to help you navigate each step. 

To choose the right broker, you want to evaluate their past experience, including how many cases they have been involved in. More cases worked means that they have encountered different situations. In addition, look at how many of those cases were successful. A business broker involved in a case doesn’t mean that they were able to secure a business for the E2 application. 

Integrity International Brokers are experienced E2 Visa Business Brokers

Choosing the right business broker for your E2 visa is an important decision. Working with the wrong professional may result in the denial of your E2 visa. 

At Integrity International Brokers, we’ve been dealing with E2 visa buyers since 2010 and have been successfully involved in more than 100 cases. Our team goes to great lengths to find the right business fit based on your preferences. To get started, contact a team member today. 

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