Trusted Business Brokers in Orlando Florida since 2013

Our business brokerage takes all the work out of selling or buying businesses.  We are experts in the processes of transferring business ownership.

We are Listing Agents (selling businesses) and Buyer Representatives (buying businesses).

Buy a Business

Wanting to buy a successful existing business?

Choosing the right business to buy – one that will make you a handsome living year after year, one that makes you jump out of bed every morning – is complicated!  Consult a professional business broker and get it right!

Not every profitable business that is for sale at your price-point is right for you.  Not every business active in your own area of expertise is right for you, either!

No need to beat your head against the wall to find appropriate companies for sale – our team will scan the market or advertise for you to locate great opportunities.  No need to struggle with valuation of a company you are interested in.  Our business brokers do all the number-crunching for you.

A trained business broker will walk you through the analysis of why you want a business (your goals), what type is right for your interests and skills, and take you through a selection of businesses that match your criteria.

Our business brokers also present you and your background in the best possible light to the seller, take you through the legal and financial aspects of doing the deal – and accompany you through the final transfer of ownership.

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Sell a Business

Wanting to sell a company you’ve worked hard to build?

Selling your beloved business for the right price, but also to the right new owner – it’s stressful!   Is the market right for your sale?  Have you fine-tuned your operations and profitability as much as you can?  Consult a professional business broker and discuss the answers.

Our business brokers are trained in analyzing the strengths of your business and preparing it for sale for the best price, at the right time and to the most appropriate buyer.  If your business could sell for a much higher price with just a few small changes, we will tell you what those changes should be.

We’ll advertise your business, talk to buyers in our network, and find the best match for you and the business.

Ready to Start a Conversation?

We'd love to discuss your next project and how we can help you to bring it into reality. At Integrity International, we make buying and selling homes and businesses simple for you. We pride ourselves on putting our clients' interests first.

Types of Businesses

Our team of specialists broker all types of SME: Main Street businesses (consumer retailing, food and beverage, fashion, etc.), professional and personal service businesses, manufacturing companies, and transfer of franchise operations.

Global Network of Buyers/Sellers

We have bought/sold businesses from California to Florida according to the buyer/seller goals.  Our brokers are specialists in the Central Florida markets.

We broker transfers domestically and for eligible foreign entrepreneurs.  Our team has closed deals between happy US and European entrepreneurs for over 7 years with success.

Integrity International Brokers

✔︎ Member of Business Brokers of Florida

✔︎ Member of IBBAInternational Business Brokers Association

✔︎ CBICertified Business Intermediary

✔︎ BBF Million $ Award – 2016 & 2017

✔︎ Member of Orlando Regional Realtors Association


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